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On behalf of Dr. Cindy Mason, Chair, submissions will be accepted through
April 8th for extended abstracts and short position papers and April 1 for
full papers.   Electronic, fax, and hardcopies are acceptable, although
hardcopies of full papers are preferred.  

Please forward any inquiries to the following address, for FEDEX:

             Dr. Cindy Mason, Chair
             AI Research Branch
             NASA Ames Research Center
             M/S: 269-2
             Moffett Field, CA 94035-1000


Fax:         415-604-3594

Original announcement follows below

              Preliminary Workshop Announcement


    the Twelfth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence

            Seattle, Washington July 30 - Aug. 5

AAAI is pleased to present the following workshop:

          AI Technologies for Environmental Applications

            Co-Sponsored by NASA Ames Research Center

                    WORKSHOPS HELD: July 30, 31

This workshop brings together two diverse groups of people with the aim of understanding the potential and problems
of applying AI technologies to environmental applications: (1) Researchers and scientists whose goal is to increase our
understanding of physical, chemical and biological processes - particularly researchers studying atmospheric, climatic, ecological  oceanic, and solid-earth processes - as well as environmental engineers concerned with problems regarding pollution control, natural disaster planning, and hazardous materials management. (2) AI researchers and practitioners whose goal is to develop and engineer
methods for automation and information processing required by environmental applications; for example, novel methods for acquiring sensed data (e.g., Antarctic robotic explorers), systems that assist in processing, archiving, and distribution of increasingly diverse and voluminous sensed data (e.g., as in Earth Observing Systems), modelling earth processes, and planning in data analysis or hazardous waste disposal.

The workshop provides an important and timely forum for participating researchers, scientists, and engineers to explore the novel problems
environmental studies present, and to examine the fruits of traditional and non-traditional AI systems as applied to environmental applications. The objective of the workshop is to foster discussion, bringing together the experience base of environmental scientists and engineers with the information handling experience of AI theorists and practitioners.

The workshop will focus on two topics:
* AI in Environmental Engineering - pollution control, natural disaster
planning, hazardous materials management
* AI in Environmental Sciences - hydrological, oceanic and ecological
systems studies, earth and climate process prediction, and upper atmosphere
Papers on both applications of existing AI techniques, as well as contributions to AI research, are solicited.  Papers clarifying the information science problems in environmental science and engineering are especially welcome.

Suggested Topics:
- Interactive data exploration and discovery
- Data and knowledge visualization
- Archival and retrieval methodologies
- Data integration for environmental monitoring applications
- Open problems in information processing for environmental studies

Format of Workshop:
The workshop is planned for 2 days with presentations of papers,
invited talks, open discussions and posters;  
ample time will be devoted to discussions.

Attendance:  The workshop is limited to 50 participants.  Participants will be chosen by program committee on basis of (1) submitted materials or (2) extensive relevant research work/publications and willingness to participate in discussion.

Submission Requirements: Participants are invited to submit 5 hard copies of a technical paper (not to exceed 10 pages, double spaced),
or a paper appropriate for poster session.   Technical papers should include a cover page containing title, authors'
names, U.S. mail address, e-mail address, and a brief abstract.  The submitted papers should not have been previously published.  Participants with relevant research experience who wish to attend should provide details of their experience/current research projects. Selected workshop papers will subsequently appear in published form.

Submit To:       Cindy Mason,
                         AI Research Branch, MS 269-2,
                         NASA Ames Research Center,
                         Moffett Field, CA  94035-1000, (415) 604-0305,
                         e-mail:, fax: (415) 604-3594

Committee: Cindy Mason (chair), NASA Ames Research Center
                    Rich Keller, NASA Ames Research Center
                    Amy Lansky, NASA Ames Research Center
                    Ron Gorer and Ted Metzler, LB & M Associates, {gorer, metzlert};
                    Roger King, Mississippi State University,;
                    Farid Dowla, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory,;
                    Ed Gillis, Automotive Systems Laboratory.

    Submissions due:            
      Extended abstracts, position papers   April 1, 1994
      Notification of acceptance:           April 8, 1994
    Camera-ready copies due:               April 29, 1994

Exact locations and dates for the workshops will be determined in late February.  The AAAI-94 Workshop Series includes six{*filter*} workshops covering a wide range of artificial intelligence topics.  Participation at these workshops is by invitation from the workshop organizers. Workshop attendence is free for those registering for AAAI-94 or IAAI-94. There is a $125 registration fee per workshop for those attendees who do not register for AAAI-94 or IAAI-94.  All workshop attendees must pre-register for the workshops or main conference.  Workshop working notes will be distributed onsite for participants only.